Rodon Group Hosts Congressman Fitzpatrick for Press Conference Regarding the Made in America Act of 2013

Last week one of our members, the Rodon Group, hosted Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick for a press conference discussing the new bill – The Made in America Act of 2013.  The bill will create the American Star Program which will raise consumer awareness of American made products.

“Similar to the Energy Star Program, this voluntary labeling program has several goals. First, the new labeling would provide consumers an easy way to identify American made products.  Second, manufacturers would be encouraged to meet certain American manufacturing benchmarks, showing the percentage of the product made in the U.S.A.” (Paula Hynes).

This bill could have a huge impact on our economy and perhaps change the way Americans shop.

We are very proud to have Rodon Group as an American Made Matters member, and congratulate them on hosting Congressmen Mike Fitzpatrick.  To read the whole article, click here:

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and Rodon Group CEO Michael Araten

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and Rodon Group CEO Michael Araten

Todd Shelton – An American Story

 “After several years of operating the Todd Shelton brand using the same production model as every other fashion brand (design garments and find a factory to make them), we questioned our direction.  Then made the biggest decision we’ve ever made.  We built a factory.”

-Todd Shelton

In an effort to avoid future supply chain problems, Todd Shelton decided to enter the manufacturing business and build a factory.  The brand formerly outsourced their manufacturing to other US factories which brought some issues with supply and quality control.

By opening a new factory, the Todd Shelton brand is creating jobs and starting a new history and tradition of manufacturing.  Of course, the best part of it all is that they are building their factory right here in the United States!

What started as a business decision to solve a problem has turned into a way for the Todd Shelton brand to further it’s passion and creativity.  “Made in USA” has become a staple of the brand’s identity. This three part series allows us to witness a true American brand building a new foundation while continuing to uphold its original ideals. Read their story of passion and ingenuity by clicking on the links below.

Member News: Stormy Kromer Launches Video Series

Stormy Kromer is an American brand that continues to produce here in the USA.  Throughout their history, they have employed Americans and created a product that they take much pride in. The videos below show Stormy Kromer’s American story.  In an industry that has shipped countless jobs over seas, Stormy Kromer’s commitment to US manufacturing represents the passion and craftsmanship that they strive for every day.

American Made Matters and Bollman Hat Company Featured on

Recently a reporter from sat down with Bollman Hat Company President and CEO, Don Rongione, to discuss why American-made matters.  In the interview, Rongione explains why he founded American Made Matters, the organization, and what he’s been doing to encourage consumers to “buy American” again.

Click here to read the full article:

New Balance Launches New Ad Campaign to Focus on its U.S. Manufacturing Heritage

With a new campaign called “America is for the Makers,” New Balance hopes to appeal to consumers who share a passion for supporting our country while creating awareness for buying American made goods. 

When you walk into a shoe store, you may not be thinking about where the shoes are made, but New Balance’s campaign is designed to get consumers to do just that. The power in the campaign is not only saying that their products are made in the US, but getting the consumer to ask oneself, “Where are the other brands making their shoes?” 

New Balance is using Made in America to differentiate their brand, setting them apart from other shoe makers.  Competing brands like Nike and Adidas are simply unable to use their manufacturing heritage as a marketing strategy. On the contrary, New Balance takes pride in its American manufacturing tradition and is now using that as a marketing tool.  

In an industry where most manufacturing has been moved over seas, New Balance continues to employ Americans and provide a strong national culture that the other brands cannot match.  It all comes down to two key points; manufacturing products in the United States creates jobs, and strengthens our economy.  

“Made in America” is a proud claim.  It is a declaration of quality, ingenuity,  hard work, and craftsmanship.   Developing a marketing campaign that can capitalize on the Made-in-America theme, will set New Balance apart from their competition and draw attention to their strong American manufacturing heritage. 

New Balance Launches New Ad Campaign to Focus on its U.S. Manufacturing Heritage


The American made movement continues to gain momentum and American Made Matters® (AMM) is at the forefront! AMM, founded July 4, 2009, has elevated awareness among consumers about the compelling importance of buying US-made products. The organization tripled its membership in the past year eclipsing one hundred and fifty companies representing thirty seven states. A three minute video which has received high praise has just been released.

Launched by America’s oldest hat manufacturer, Bollman Hat Company, AMM is run by a board comprised of manufacturers who share a vision to grow jobs in the US as well as strengthen communities, protect the environment, build the economy and improve the independence and security of America.

A video narrated by Bollman CEO, Don Rongione, and filmed by AMM sponsor, West Field Films, has just been released to facilitate the mission of educating consumers on why American made matters. The video can be viewed at the organization’s website,

“It is really exciting to see new companies create brands dedicated to American made and mature companies bringing back manufacturing to the US. We are making a difference. It is demonstrated by the increase in manufacturing jobs,” said Rongione.

The AMM logo now appears on tens of thousands of products. The organization has an active and growing following of over twenty thousand in social media and subscribers to its newsletter. On-line and physical events promoting American made products, encouraging plant tours and an ecommerce store featuring products that contain the AMM logo all serve to help strengthen the organization’s mission which is to educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American dream.

Manufacturers interested in joining and consumers looking to buy American made products, should visit for further information.



Hatfield, PA, (November, 2012) President Obama and White House Staff converged at The Rodon Group’s facility last Friday to show support for American manufacturing companies, the jobs they create, and the working middle class. The President’s backdrop was colorfully filled with K’NEX building toys, including an American flag made of 49,000 K’NEX pieces.

“I want to reward manufacturers like this one and small businesses that create jobs here in the United States, not overseas.” said President Obama. “And by the way this is a company — one of the few companies in the toy industry that have aggressively moved jobs back here. That’s a great story to tell because we’ve got the best workers in the world and the most productive workers in the world and so we need champions for American industry creating jobs here in the United States”

The Rodon Group was chosen by the White House to represent not only the manufacturing sector of our economy but small businesses as well. Rodon has been on the forefront promoting American Manufacturing through a board membership in American Made Matters, offers a “Cheaper than China” pricing policy and has reshored billions of manufactured parts back to the United States. Rodon also supports STEM education and provides apprenticeship programs to select individuals insuring they will have the technical talent needed to grow their business for future generations.

The President went on to say “I want to give more Americans the chance to earn the skills that businesses are looking for right now, and I want to give our children the kind of education they’ll need in the 21st century. I want America to lead the world in research and technology and clean energy. I want to put people back to work rebuilding our roads and our bridges and our schools. And I want to do all this while bringing down our deficits in a balanced and responsible way.”

The Rodon Group shares a common bond with other manufacturers across the country and shares their pride in the quality American–made products are known for. “We are not red states or blue states, we are all red, white and blue- together working towards the same goals – creating great, innovative U.S. products that keep jobs in this country and help preserve the middle class way of life.”, said Michael Araten, President and CEO.

The Rodon Group/K’NEX Brands was honored to be chosen to host this event. “We’re incredibly proud,” said Mr. Araten. “I think it means the President and his team recognize that manufacturing in the United States is important. That focusing on manufacturing and keeping confidence high, which is what the fiscal cliff is all about, is important. If you can do it with toys, you can do it with anything.”

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